Simone van der Burg - cropped portrait by Jimena Gauna
Jimena Gauna voor Waag BY-NC-SA

Simone van der Burg appointed as Data Commons Collective lead

Simone van der Burg, head-of-programme of Waag's Code group, has been appointed to lead the Data Commons Collective, an initiative initiated by the Amsterdam Economic Board consisting of diverse public and private organizations with the goal of creating a social vision of data sharing.

This collective assumes that data can serve as a new, digital resource, entirely for the benefit of the community. The collective was previously led by Marjolein Bot of the Amsterdam Economic Board. Simone has worked to shape the initiative over the past year, and will work to continue and expand the collective in 2024.

Data Commons Collective

Amsterdam Economic Board and Waag Futurelab are working together to develop new economic models that strive for broad-based prosperity based on community principles. The Data Commons Collective initiative explores the social utility, power and limits of community building supported by data.

The challenge is to make principles of Data Commons broadly applicable. This is achieved by creating an accessible model that builds trust and fosters a sense of ownership and shared responsibility.

As a non-profit organization, the Data Commons Collective works with knowledge institutions, industry, governments and civil society organizations. In doing so, we work on important, forward-looking, societal issues, such as "responsible data sharing. Currently we see that the potential of data to solve social issues is insufficiently used. With this initiative we are trying to start a movement to deal with data in a responsible way and to make a real impact.




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