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BIS advice on cultural subsidies

Waag Futurelab happy with advice Council for Culture '25-'28

Waag Futurelab is very grateful to the Council for Culture (Raad voor Cultuur) for its careful study and positive assessment of our policy plan Future is a verb for the period 2025-2028.

In its advice, the Council for Culture writes: 'Waag is strong in formulating visionary future perspectives. In the 2021 - 2024 grant period, Waag regularly raised a strong voice on the importance of public values in the digital world, the importance of cyber security, democratisation of technology and the dangers of big tech. [...] Many big issues currently pushing to the fore in politics and society are on Waag's agenda, such as climate, technological developments and further digitalisation. [...] Waag's programme lines are urgent and topical.'

'Waag's programme lines are urgent and topical.' Council for Culture advice

'We are very happy with this advice and with the appreciation for our work and our ambitions,' says Marleen Stikker, director of Waag. 'There is great trust in us in this advice. More than ever, we want to commit to an open, fair and inclusive future.'

Waag is understands the advice to maintain the grant amount at the current level, given the challenges and financial pressures within the cultural sector.