Max Kortlander

Max KortlanderWriter & Researcher

Max Kortlander is a writer and researcher focused on participatory democracy, citizen-led governance, and human rights in the digital age. He utilises co-creation and public research methodologies to address real world problems and keep his work down to earth. His research is always collaborative. He works together with citizens, policymakers, open source developers, and academic researchers through publicly funded projects including DECODE, Public Stack, Digital European Public Spaces, Hollandse Luchten, ACROSS, Urbanite, Cities-4-People, and Mobility Urban Values.

Max has bachelors degrees in International Relations and Spanish from Bucknell University, and a masters degree in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam. 

Current projects

Man op zijn telefoon in de metro
Future Internet Lab


Mobifree aims to bring about change in the development and use of mobile software in Europe by citizens, businesses, non-profit organisations and governments.
FabLearn onderwijsconferentie
Smart Citizens Lab

Imagining public connectivity

The lack of meaningful imaginaries about 5G and the knowledge concentration within industries are catalysts of public distrust. We aim to create a shared knowledge base among citizens and governments to include citizens in official local decision-making processes around 5G.
Masterclass Netpolitiek, Waag, 2022
Future Internet Lab

Masterclass Net Politics 2022

Together with ISOC, Waag organises an annual Masterclass Net Politics where people working on digital society learn about topics such as digital transparency, public values on the internet and decision-making regarding large tech platforms.
Evening air traffic in Europe
Future Internet Lab


ACROSS improves privacy-friendly data exchange between EU member states' public services.
Public Stack Summit
Future Internet Lab

Public Stack Design Proces

Together with INFO, TU Delft (Cities of Things Lab), Waag dives into the design process of an open source service and a commercial service.
Chris Julien bij Nieuwsuur
Future Internet Lab


DEPS (Digital European Public Spaces) has the goal to research and facilitate digital European public spaces that are open, democratic, and sustainable.
Amsterdam bicycles mobility
Commons Lab


Urbanite will analyse the impact, trust and attitudes of stakeholders with respect to the integration of disruptive technologies in the mobility sector.